How to learn to adults: what is life after graduation?

We sat with a few alumni a year after graduation, to get an idea of what life was like as a graduate. The good, the bad and the ugly , the class you’re thinking about school. After graduation, it took me a while to get out of this I’m still panicking about the August course, when I didn’ t have to! (ALL) The goal is to take a few months back, return to work with my parents, and work in the summer during the filing of applications for work in Toronto. After I got the job, I’d be back in town. Although I didn’ t get a dream job, I’m in a better place financially, physically and emotionally. Now I’d better prepare for the next phase of life after graduation-it took her more time to get there. I understand that I shouldn’t have everyone, but it’s good to have a general plan and options if one route fails. I was so afraid of what happened after school, that I avoided thinking about the next phase of my life. The plan and even the backup plan can be fully profitable-this is my best advice. Besides, there’s nothing wrong with taking a break! “ Besides, you can find that you’re doing something different from yours Another way to improve my is Mental and physical health owned business raising the level of teaching Although this cannot be directly in my field, the environment and the encouragement have helped me to improve productivity. “ Luckily, I was looking for something, and I made the right change to get back to the road. I took a little detour to make money and get another kind of experience, but it only brought me to my original purpose. It’s mostly fixed by what I really want to do in my life. Do not select a time to find a job (if you can). Don’t jump from the first one that goes to you, but don’t be too piddly. All you have to do is where they have to go, and only the time will tell you where you’ll be. What you choose, after you graduate this school, may change a few months later. Don’t be ashamed. “Understand that you can reroute it even after you thought you were in the right place.” What really helped me out of my vision was a two-week vacation that I planned before I took my position. It made me take a break even if I don’t think it’s “the right time.” And the vacation gave me a perspective on the amount of work I was working on. She also offered me more prospects, how I could improve a lot of personal relationships. When you and your friends at school, it’s easy to keep in touch. But as soon as I had a full position, I realized how much harder it was to maintain these friends. The return from my trip refreshes and gives me the opportunity to rearrange my priorities to make sure that I have a real balance between work and personal life. “ This summer I travelled and went on a trip. I even used that time to relax, but I still felt no place. I started working with a certificate, and soon afterwards, in my field, I worked part-time. And I loved it there, but the clock was small, and I would work very late. The important thing is that I haven’t had such a structure yet. He looks pretty bleak, but I filled out my time with a lot of fun and productive activities, like attending dance classes. A few months after the “official” receipt, I got a job, and this job was perfect for me! (ALL) Best recommendation I can give Another important thing is not to start a career and education. You are much more than that, and in the end, you can always be proud of your symbol and your views on life! “ As a student, I didn’ t have time to travel during the balancing of projects and tests. Maybe it’s just my opinion, but the best thing is not to be a student anymore is freedom. I am responsible for my actions and my own life. If I want to stay up to 4:00 in the morning and wake up at 5:00, I can and I will. If I want to get on a plane and move to Germany for the next seven months, I am! What for? Because I can! Not to be a student anymore, it’s GREAT! “ And these student discounts! Please do me a favor and show me your EVERYWHERE student card while you can. You’ll be shocked by how you get it. In fact, despite the fact that the school is a very busy one, as a student, he lives in a comfortable bubble. You have enough respect to get a job and hit an interesting conversation, but you can still go to bars five times a week with minimal judgment. If I had the chance, would I do it again? Despite countless hours of sleep deprivation, full-on psychic breakdowns, exams, tests and projects … yes, 100% I would! “ I’m really lucky. Everything was going according to my master plan, or so I thought. I was hired by a big company I was interned for. Although I feel happy a year later, I’m beginning to realize that I don’t feel like I’m at work. If I could go back in time, perhaps I would have taken a more creative path, became self-sufficient, to start my own business and bear responsibility for my own success as a whole. However, it is frightening to finish the work and not be able to pay your debts-the thought of what scares me is frightening me. So I took a secure route. I work in the financial sphere, where the numbers (for me) mean success. Now I know I have to go to something that will do and make me happy to wake up in the morning. But I wouldn’t be able to express that knowledge without working where I am. In short, I will not change that last year. I have learned that I want to find a job that has a positive impact and is financially secure, but it does not contribute to happiness. “

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